Our Trees


Norway Spruce

Light to dark green in colour and is known as the traditional Christmas tree which has a beautiful smell.

Nordmann Fir

Dark Green with much softer needles than the Spruce and also tends to hold the needles longer.

Potted Trees

We also have a selection of potted trees so that you can either keep them in the pots or plant them out in the garden.

Looking after your Christmas Tree

  • Keep the tree outside until you are ready to put it up.
  • Make sure you cut at least an inch off the bottom of the trunk so that the tree can drink plenty of water.
  • Water the tree every day so make sure your tree stand has plenty of room to hold at least a pint of water.
  • Do not put your tree near to a radiator or a fire as it will probably be bald by the time Christmas day arrives!


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